I am returning Abstract painting from near extinction to contemporary consciousness.

My fast action paintings involve choreography of rhythm and gesture, which allude to the sparse electronic music I listen to. Music provides a pathway to sub-consciousness. These paintings are a record of time, the fleeting moments in which they were made.”

Rufus Knight-Webb lives and works in South London and represents the true avant-garde of abstract painting with his highly evolved, dramatic, gestural and rhythmic paintings that are the product of two decades of sustained invention, culminating in a new form that could be called Techno Expressionism.

He has worked with leading figures in contemporary art, including Michael Craig-Martin and Alan Davie, who continue to have a profound influence on his development as a painter.

By the late 1980’s Knight-Webb had lost faith in Modernism, and was seeking a new impetus for painting. The dawn of the Acid House scene and the advent of electronic music presented new possibilities to Knight-Webb, inspiring him to originate a totally contemporary form of Techno Expressionism. Knight-Webb began a series of works in fluorescent acrylic that revealed a further dimension under UV light. What appears as one painting during the day, metamorphoses into a new work at night. These new Space Paintings were a hybrid of abstract forms, geometric patterns and psychedelic illustrations of cinematic space epics such as Stanley Kubrick’s “2001”. Hi work appears on many iconic record sleeves of the 90’s, such as Derrick May’s “Innovator”.

Around 1997, Knight-Webb started a series of highly futuristic Paintings. These UV illuminated paintings demonstrate the seduction of abstracted form; with minimal illustrative content, they aim at aesthetic economy. The ‘Earthy’ feminine shapes hint at the surface and folds of the human body. Knight-Webb has created and patented a unique UV lighting system to illuminate these paintings.

Knight-Webb works intensively on two contrasting series of paintings, The ‘Action Paintings’ and ‘Light Paintings’, and has continued to expand on the essential duality between the assertive emotional push of abstract expressionism, and the cool technical aestheticism of the more illustrative ‘Light Paintings’. In these abstract works, the artist returns again and again to his original muse: electronic music. Back in his studio, and working to a soundtrack of minimal music by American composer Saul Stokes, he is preparing the groundwork for a one hit action painting, in an on-going quest to capture the euphoric moment of spontaneity and conception in painting.

Address47 Beckwith Rd, London SE24 9LQ

Telephone0207 274 8953 / 07939 530326

1961       Born / Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

NationalityUK / Canada



1983 - 1986Winchester School of Art: BA Hons Fine Art / Painting

1981 - 1982Hereford College of Art and Design: Foundation in Art / Design


1979 - 1981Marling Grammar School, Glos: A-level: Art, Hist of Art, Physics, Biol

1978 - 1979Symonsdsbury College Dorset: 9 O-Levels 


1999       Visual Arts North East / New Collaborations Grant

1994       Arts Council of Great Britain / Combined Arts Award

1992       South West Arts / Awards to individual artists

Arts / work

1999-2004Gimpel Fils Gallery / Manager of gallery stock and collection

1998-1999Michael Craig-Martin / Artists assistant

1997-1998Technician / Victoria Miro Gallery, Cork St London

1996-1997Assistant Technician / Waddinton Galleries, Cork St, London

1993-1995Established fine art publishing company ‘Bornagain Publishing posters


1990-1991Painting and design / Paul Cook Trust Summer School / Swindon Wilts

1987-1988Head of Foundation studies / Symondsbury School of Art, Dorset

Private collections and recent commissions

2005        Big Life Music, commission

2005        Origin, London, purchase

2004        The Suite, Mannheim: 30m mural Commission

2003        JP Yonan Switzerland: Purchase

2003        HSBC Bank: Purchase

2002        Meryll Lynch: Purchase

2002        Rolex: Purchase

2001        64 Knightsbridge, London: Commission

2001        British Telecom PLC, London: Commission

2001        The Panoramic Building, Vauxhall, London: Purchase

2000        Arts Council of Great Britain: Commission

2000        Rover UK: Purchase

2000        Goodwood Park: Purchase

1998        Harvey Nichols, London: Purchase

1998        Sony Music: Purchase

1995        Transmat Records Detroit: Purchase


2007        Chelsea Arts Club

2007        Sladers Yard, Dorset

2006        Chelsea gallery, palo Alto, Sanfrancisco, USA

2006        AAF New York / Mark Jason Gallery

2006        Mark Jason Gallery, Bell St, London

2006        Art London / Mark Jason Gallery

2005        Art Gallery of Windsor; Ontario Canada / Movement

2005        Art Event Antwerp

2005        Jason Fine Arts, Bond St, London / group exhibition

2005        Bancroft Fine Art, Knightsbridge London / Group exhibition

2005        Kunste Halle Mannheim / u-v installation

2004        Orr and Rosenfalch London EC2 / Group show

2004        Bancroft Fine Art investments / Alternative Investment Fair London

2004        John Davies Gallery, Gloucestershire / Summer Group Show

2004        Artoose  Hampstead / On The Wall London

2004        i-tre gallery Pimlico, London SW1 / OM

2004 The Suite, Mannheim GDR / Psychadelic performance in fluorescent u-v light

2004                Art London / John Davies Gallery

2003                ‘New Ultra-violet Paintings’ The Great Eastern Hotel, London

2003                “Orange’ Brompton Cemetary, London / light paintings

2003                Art 2003 London / Mark Jason Fine Arts

2002                Artoos Gallery Hampstead London

2002                Century Gallery London E2:  The Sea Absract

2000                Chichester Open Exhibition:  Three small seascapes

1999                Atlantis Gallery Brick Lane, London , "Baby 2000"  

                        title: “Too Much Mascara"

                        Triptych. Other artists showing: Michael Craig-Martin, Anthony Gormley.

1999                NGCA, Sunderland   VANE: "Node 5 + 5"  

                        title: "Every 15 minutes":  Collaboration with Ally Wallace.

                        an installation using the gallery's existing tannoy and lighting.

                        Other artists: Tomoko Takahashi + Gordon Doulton . William Heard etc.        

                        Funded by Northern Arts

1999                60, Long Lane, London SE1 "Location, Location, Location"  

                        title: "Underwater Sunlight": Flooded stairwell illuminated

                        through reinforced underwater windows.

                        shelter.  Other artists showing: Ally Wallace, Patrick Beveridge

1999          ICA London  "Space 1999" Series of Ultra-violet paintings in the

                        Reynolds room.

1999         Walton Contemporary Art, London. "Third Person Singular"   

                        Ultra-violet illuminated paintings, following the movement of human body.

                        Other artists showing: Rory Nugent . Jaque Chaucat

1999                Booth Clibborn Books "We Love You"  Book & CD

        title: "Silent Revolution":  Collaboration with detroit musician Derrick May.

        Other artists collaborations  :  Tracy Emin / Boy George, Sam Taylor-Wood

1998                The Bunker, Mannheim University

                        Twenty Ultra-violet paintings exhibited in a WW2 German Bunker

                        under Mannheim Castle Germany

1998                Harvey Nichols, London  title: "Silent Revolution"  

        Ultra-violet paintings installed for one year in the Foundation Restaurant.

1998        60. Long lane "Blackout" Light & Space art 

        "Underwater Sunlight": Also showing a series of Ultra-violet paintings.

        Other artists showing: Andrew Gifford, Ally Wallace, Patric Beveridge,

                        Anna Hill, etc

1998        Lewes Festival  "Odintune Place 1998" 

        title: "Whispering in stereo":  sound installation of whispering

                       voices in woodland.

        Other artists showing: Greville Worthington, William Horner etc.

1997        Grosvenor House Hotel, London. Ultra-violet installation in bar.  

1997        Utopia Studios, London "Escape from Planet Pop"  

        Series of Ultra-violet reactive paintings, exhibited in half light /

                       evening light

        Other artists showing: Kit Glaisyer, David Rage, Christian Hopper

1996          Elms Lesters painting rooms, London W1. "Technocolour"

                       30 ultra-violet paintings in the dark

1994                Oriel House Gallery, Richmond:  Artist of the month  

                       title: "Mensa 3" abstract paintings containing the cremated ashes of

                       a friend (Mensa).

1994        Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London

1994        South London Open, South London Gallery

1993        Ministry of Sound, London “It Is What It Is”. Ultra-violet paintings

                       and sound-track

1992        Tresor Night Club Berlin

1992        Limelight Club New York

1992        Trancefusion London

1988        National Portrait Gallery, BP Portrait awards

1988                “New Talent” Southern Arts touring exhibition; Winchester

                        Gallery, Southampton City Museum, Reading Museum and Art

                        Gallery, Brighton University